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Bety Mendlewicz

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Treatments by age


Attentive to the child’s oral care, while monitoring his/her growth and development, we have the opportunity to prevent and even intercept malocclusions.


At this stage, it’s important to define if there is still the possibility to control the growth or to consider a corrective treatment.


Once the occlusion is established and we cannot count on the facial growth, we need to consider a different perspective. We listen to the patient and consider their potential desire for change. When Orthodontics is combined with other odontological specialties, we are able to provide the most adequate treatment, restauring function and aesthetics.


Show your smile, not your braces!

Clincheck - your virtual treatment

  • Almost-invisible alternative to traditional braces.
  • It doesn’t get in your way while correcting your teeth.
  • Almost 3 million smiles all over the world.
  • Consists of pairs of sequential aligners that move the teeth little by little and must be replaced every 15 days.
  • You take them off to eat, clean and when you think it’s necessary. You don’t need to change your eating habits nor your social life.
  • The Invisalign treatment is planned virtually. It’s called ClinCheck and it’s shown on the computer so you can approve the final result and the estimated time frame.
  • The complete treatment is delivered to your orthodontist and every pair of aligners is packed and sealed with you name, number and orthodontist’s name.
  • Each aligner has the number of the patient, the stage of the treatment and the Invisalign logo engraved with laser.
  • Watch out for imitations! Learn to recognize the original Invisalign.



For the correct diagnostics and efficient planning, we request different tests that might vary according to the case. They include x-rays, photos, mouldings and a digital evaluation of the smile. In some cases we also request phonoaudiology, breathing tests and other structure’s evaluation that might be related to the balance of the face. After this analysis is done, we can plan with certainty the most adequate orthodontic treatment.

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Specialized professionals who keep up-to-date with the evolution of scientific and technological knowledge.

Bety Mendlewicz

Children and Adult Orthodontics, Invisalign, Facial Orthopedics and Children’s Practice. See Resume.

Mauro Kafensztok

Oral Rehabilitation, Aesthetics Dentistry and Implants. See Resume.


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